Alison Blunt is a musician/composer and is collaborating with the sculptor Allan Giddy at TÖNE and is the composer and musician for his work England Expects on Gun Wharf.

About Alison Blunt

Since a conservatoire violin training Alison Blunt’s interest in the relationships between sound, motion and space have led her to create and perform new work utilising improvisation. In addition to sound and music compositions, many of her works have involved film, dance and theatre practices and been performed, aired, screened and shown in the UK, Europe and Australia. Blunt has worked with artists spanning a whole range of practices. Apocryphal Theatre Company and writer/director Julia Lee Barclay (US), actor/sound & movement artist Guy Dartnell (UK), Theatre Nomad and performance artist/director Luke Dixon (UK), actress/singer Gina Mattiello (AT), musician/maverick performer Tristan Honsinger (US/DE), visual artist/film maker Kate McMillian (AU/UK), musician/composer/visual artist Renee Baker (US), Typewriters Collective and choreographer/dancer Raquel Claudino (PT/UK), Butoh dancer/choreographer Florencia Guerberof (AS/UK), film artist Gina Aldana (MX) to mention but a few. ”Alison Blunt’s playing is unique…” “I have never heard anything like it…” Sunday Express.