Claire Orme has won TÖNE’s Open Call for undergraduate students at University of Kent. She will be presenting her piece Claire Voyant, Paranormal Investigator, comprising of an ongoing performance and an installation sited in the Kent Cultural Baton, an airstream caravan turned mobile creative workspace, designed by artist Nicole Mollett. The fictional character Claire Voyant has been carrying out investigations into haunted locations in the Medway area, and exploring the links between spirituality and technology. Claire has found that technological advances often coincide with a resurgence of interest in the paranormal and the desire to communicate with the spirit world, but that recent advancements have also greatly reduced the realm of social interaction within reality.


Inside the Baton, she will create a video installation that explores modes of communication and coding and the blending of human and machine, and how these ideas can be presented both audibly and visually. The Baton will become a portal to an alternate world – a hypnotising, psychedelic space reflecting the disengagement from real life that technology imposes upon us. There is also a participatory element to this piece, as Claire Voyant invites the audience to take part in her investigation, keeping all of their senses wide open as they walk around the site and report back to her if they experience anything unusual.


About Claire Orme

Claire Orme is in her final year studying a BA in Fine Art at the University of Kent. Throughout her degree, she has developed an interdisciplinary practice combining art, music and performance. Her practice is very much research-led, using archived material, interviews, the internet and her own experience to examine, explore and weave together disparate moments, people and eras within our history. During her BA, Claire Orme has been part of a collaborative installation Twice in the Same River (2013) at Sun Pier House, has exhibited in The Loft (2013) at Chatham Historic Dockyards and performed her piece Cornelia Dickens, Private Investigator at the I AM Interim Show (2013). In addition to these, she exhibited her installation The Extraordinary Porter Family at the Barbican as part of the Hack the Barbican project (2013). She also created a site-specific installation and performance of her current project Claire Voyant, Paranormal Investigator on LV21 as part of the Live 2014 Digital Festival (2014).