Photograph of Morgan O’Hara by  Yamamoto Tadasu


At TÖNE, Morgan O’Hara will be responding to the events through her performative drawings, known as LIVE TRANSMISSION FROM THE DOCKYARD. She will respond to the performances of John Tilbury, Frode Haltli and Musarc.

She writes of their operations: ‘I condense movement into accumulations of graphite line, combining the controlled refinement of classical drawing with the sensuality of spontaneous gesture. My LIVE TRANSMISSIONS render visible normally invisible or fleeting movement patterns, through seismograph-like drawing. Time-space coordinates for each drawing are recorded with precision. The theoretical base for the work is visual transmission of the principle of vitality.’


About Morgan O’Hara

Morgan O’Hara was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Japan and had her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, 1978. As a student, O’Hara met and was influenced by John Cage. Her practice researches the vital movement of living beings through LIVE TRANSMISSION, a performative drawing process she invented in 1982.  Her drawings are often done in international performance art festivals; commissioned as site-specific wall drawings; and are in the permanent collections of museums and art institutions in Europe, Asia and the US. O’Hara teaches master classes in drawing and the psychology of creativity. In 1989 she did her first site specific wall drawings and began the practice of aikido, a Japanese martial art. Important residencies include MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire; Virginia Center for the Creative Arts; Macau Museum of Art, China; and others. She is the recipient of fellowships from Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Gottleib Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, amongst others. Publications include five volumes of LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings. O’Hara lives in New York and works internationally.