Sarah Nicoll’s relationship with the piano is concerned with stretching how the performance of the instrument might happen, be it through the use of technology or through changing the actual instrument itself.  She has worked extensively with live electronics, manipulating electronic sound whilst playing the acoustic piano. She will perform with the second prototype of her ‘Inside-Out Piano’.

For TÖNE, she will be performing as part of the ‘Etude’ event, which will present an interdisciplinary engagement with and interpretation of the Grand Piano. Sarah will be performing for the first time with the second prototype of her ‘Inside-Out Piano’. Read more about the ‘Inside-Out Piano’.


About Sarah Nicolls

Sarah Nicolls is a UK-based experimental pianist, at the forefront of innovations in piano performance.  She works with interactive technologies to augment the acoustic piano with visceral live performances.  Sarah also invented the ‘Inside-out piano’, a sculptural feast of an instrument designed to be played inside and out.  She is currently funded through the Athena Swan scheme to build the second prototype, with Pierre Malbos.  In the rest of her concert career, Sarah is a frequent soloist with the London Sinfonietta, giving world premieres such as Larry Goves’ Piano Concerto and Richard Barrett’s Mesoptamia.  She is regularly broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and features on several CDs.

Sarah is a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University and has received funding from the AHRC, BRIEF, Athena Swan and Arts Council England.  She has been published in the Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ20), is Artistic Director of the BEAM Festival, and is curating NIME 2014, London.