Musarc at Milton Keynes Gallery performing Loudhailer, photograph by Chryssa Panoussiadou

Musarc will perform ‘The People Who Walked in Darkness’ by Duncan MacLeod and a new festival commission by Jan Hendrickse and Morgan O’Hara will respond to their performance through her LIVE TRANSMISSION FROM THE DOCKYARD.

About Musarc

Musarc is one of London’s most progressive amateur choirs. It is at the heart of a research project at The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University, which explores performance and composition in relation to the creative process and investigates listening in the context of architecture and the city. The ensemble regularly collaborates with composers to develop work that challenges traditional ways of making and thinking about music, art, performance and education.

Musarc has performed at Bold Tendencies, Turner Contemporary, V22 and the Royal Maritime Museum. In 2012, it presented Bang! Being the Building as part of the Barbican’s OMA/Progess show and its voices could be heard in Ed Atkin’s Us Dead Talk Love at the Chisenhale Gallery. In 2013, Musarc presented again again with Melanie Pappenheim at Milton Keynes Gallery as part of the gallery’s exhibition of Peter Dreher’s work. It recently recorded for Laure Provost and is currently one of four contemporary ensembles on Sound and Music’s Portfolio scheme. The choir has collaborated with experimental music label Entr’acte, and commissioned new work from many artists and composers including Benedict Drew, Esther Venrooy, Neil Luck, Marc Behrens, and Sam Belinfante. Musarc also runs Field Studies, an annual field-recording, performance and musique concrète workshop. Field Studies tutors in 2014 are Akio Suzuki, Sam Auinger, Michael Klïen and Claudia Molitor.