Tim Meacham, Vibrissa

Tim Meacham’s practice investigates and describes space through the use of sound, movement and light. His current work explores haptic listening, the relationship between touch and hearing with particular focus on our experience of the physical world through surface. For TÖNE, Tim will present some of his Vibrissa, devices which “play” surfaces through cat’s whiskers. They feel their way around spaces, converting surface texture into sound through physical touch.


About Tim Meacham

Tim works in a range of materials including conductive fabrics to make installations which explore surfaces, enabling spaces, bodies of water and objects to converse. He is currently a Lecturer in Fine Art and undertaking a practice based PhD, at the School of Music and Fine Art, University of Kent. Recent exhibitions include: a sound installation with field microphones and transducer for the Symposium for Acoustic Ecology, Chatham Dockyard, November 2013; Art in Romney Marsh, September 2013; site-specific installationCurious, West Norwood, London, June 2013; From the darkness, Brighton Festival, 2012.