Steve Klee will present his performance Too Prolix: A Tour Out of Time for TÖNE. In this work actors employ the gestural style used in eighteenth century theatre to act out scenes from Chatham dockyard’s political history. These episodes compose a tour; the audience a mobile participant in the narrative. Past and present blur and the difference between ‘then, and now’ is turned on its head. The performance also proposes political action as a ‘performance of equality’ creating an exotic world, both immersive and uncanny. He will also be showing a related exhibition at POP, 64-66 High Street, Chatham, 10-15th June as part of TONE’s Pre-Festival.

About Steve Klee

Steve Klee is an artist and writer, with an interest in the connection between art and politics, recently publishing an article on this subject (Rancière Against the Cuts…) in the journal Third Text. From 2009–11 he worked with the activist-art group ‘The Carrot Workers’ Collective’ organising several important events, including The Creative Jobs Survival Fair held as part of the David Roberts Art Foundation exhibition At Your Service (2009). Since 2008, Klee’s video work has been screened at: 176 and Five Years, London; Transmission and Tramway, Glasgow, and Lena Roselli Gallery, Budapest. His practice also incorporates writing fiction, contributing to Frozen Tears III (2007), an artists’ book edited by John Russell. A text on Babak Ghazi’s Lifework, which includes narrative elements, is to be published in the coming year. Other commissions include catalogue essays for Aernout Mik’s retrospective exhibition Communitas (2013) and for Freee art collective on the occasion of their show at SMART Amsterdam (2008).