Photograph: Kathy Hinde, Origami Birds


Kathy Hinde will create two sound installations, Twittering Machines, along Gunwharf and at Fort Amherstfor TÖNE. Inspired by Chatham Historic Dockyard and the surrounding area, Twittering Machines responds to the tensions created between the mechanical relics of past wars and the presence of migrating birds who take up temporary residence along the Medway Estuary.

Along Gunwharf, mechanically driven stainless steel birds will line the estuary wall. Their steady metallic motion, reminiscent of wartime flying machines, contrasting with their physical resemblance to paper origami birds, traditionally seen as a symbol of peace.

Kathy Hinde’s related installation will be experienced by walking through the old Gate House of Fort Amherst. It will be a sonic and visual combination of bird-song imitation machines fashioned from old morse code keys, twittering mechanised music boxes, a rustling cloud of paper birds twitching overhead, a 78rpm recording of nightingales with a cello, or the echo of Lancaster bombers.

Humankind maintains an ongoing fascination with attempts to decipher, understand and categorise birdsong. The use of old wartime communication devices with bird-imitation and musical automata will explore this, alongside our own twitterings and tweetings over radio waves.


About Kathy Hinde

Kathy Hinde’s interdisciplinary approach combines art forms, frequently through collaborations with other practitioners, partnerships with scientists, and input from the audience. She has made work for theatres, galleries and concert halls alongside site-specific work for outdoor locations and unusual indoor spaces.

Kathy has shown work in over 20 countries across Europe, Scandinavia, China, Pakistan, USA, Colombia and Brazil. Her work has been featured in festivals and venues such as Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, The Royal Opera House, London; International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA); SESC Mostra des Artes, Brazil; and the Issue Project Room, New York. She has been invited to show work and deliver presentations at TEDx Aldeburgh, TEDGlobal and NESTA’s Futurefest.