Photograph of Frode Haltli by Heikki Tuuli


Frode Haltli will be doing an accordion performance at TÖNE that will include the following: Robert HP Platz: senko-hana-bi (1997), Christopher Fox: This Ain’t No Goin’ On (2008), Magnar Åm: On the Banks of the Eternal Second (1995), Caspar Johannes Walter: biegsame Wand (2003) for accordion and tape and Arne Nordheim: Dinosauros (1970) for accordion and tape.

Morgan O’Hara will respond to Frode’s performance through her LIVE TRANSMISSION FROM THE DOCKYARD.

About Frode Haltli

Frode Haltli (b. 1975, Norway) began playing the accordion at the age of seven. He studied at the Norwegian State Academy of Music, then at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, graduating in 2000. In 2001 the Norwegian Concert Institute named him Young Soloist of the Year.

Directing his career into explorations of new music, he became associated with like-minded musicians and has played regularly with the trio POING and the Seim/Haltli duo. Haltli has established links with several composers, notably Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje who is one of several who have written especially for him; others include Bent Sørensen, Rolf Wallin, Atli Ingólfsson, Hans Abrahamsen, Jo Kondo and Sam Hayden.

Haltli has a broad repertoire of contemporary classical works, including several concertos for the accordion, appearing with string orchestras such as the Trondheim Soloists, sinfoniettas and symphonic orchestras worldwide. He has developed several trans-cultural music projects, in India, China, Japan, North Korea and Egypt. He has also played music rooted in Norwegian traditional music, notably with RUSK. Frode Haltli teaches accordion at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.