Photograph: Joanna Bailie, Donegall Street, 2013, photograph by Joanna Bailie

Joanna Bailie will present The place you can see and hear at TÖNE. This is part of a series of site-specific audio-visual installations focusing on the technical and aesthetic issues that surround the process of mediating the world around us. A darkened room functions as a giant camera (obscura) as the scene from the street outside is projected upside-down onto a screen. The sound consists of live microphone feed from the outside manipulated by a max patch and shaped into a pattern of alternating segments of untreated sound and ‘freezes’, where a split-second of sound is ‘horizontalized’ and stretched into a sustained chord. The idea of the ‘frame’ as manifested concretely by the projector screen, and temporally by the patterns of alternating frozen and unfrozen sound, is central to the work. The presence of these frames asks us to consider at what point in the process of creative mediation/interference, the raw sonic and visual materials might be considered a work to be contemplated and experienced as art, rather than just a live streaming of reality.


About Joanna Bailie

Composer and sound artist Joanna Bailie was born in London in 1973. Her recent work includes chamber music, installation and music theatre, and is characterized by the use of field recordings together with acoustic instruments. Her music has been performed by groups such as Ensemble Musikfabrik, L’instant Donné, EXAUDI, Ensemble Mosaik, Apartment House, and the Ives Ensemble. She has been programmed at events such as the Venice Biennale, Tuned City, Huddersfield, SPOR Festival, Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe, Darmstadt, and Ultima in Oslo. Together with Matthew Shlomowitz she runs Ensemble Plus-Minus and in 2010 she was the guest curator at the SPOR Festival in Aarhus, Denmark. She is currently working on her doctorate and teaching instrumental composition at City University, London.