Photograph: Julie Louise Bacon, Venus transit, Black Sun, 2012

For TÖNE, Julie Louise Bacon will perform Warpoem V: W(o/a)reship which will be presented in an air-raid shelter at Chatham Historic Dockyard.  This is part of her work Warpoems, a series of eight performances, begun in late 2007. The series speculates on the shifting conditions of presence and absence in an era of accelerated technological development, resulting in the increasing circulation of bodies, ideas and imagery, and the apparent compression of time.

She explains: ‘My practice explores the relationship between what we may perceive as ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ spaces, focusing on the ways in which they are interwoven in discrete and imposing ways ; from the interplay of critical and sensory states, to the entwining of history, memory and mythology, and the dance of technology through consciousness. The experience of time is fundamental to this question.’


About Julie Louise Bacon

Julie Louise Bacon is an artist, curator and writer, and Joint Artistic Director of Töne. Since the late 1990s, she has presented her performance, video, installation, and mixed-media projects in biennial, gallery and social settings around the globe. She is the editor of three anthologies exploring contemporary art practices in a social context. Bacon has played an active role in the development of artist-led culture through directorships and curatorial work at art centres in England (HTBA, 1996-1998), Northern Ireland (Catalyst Arts 2003-2005) and Canada (Espace Virtuel 2000-2001, and La Chambre Blanche, 2010-2012). Her recent and current projects include : the short film A to Z of the Archive (White Cube London, 2013) ; the Land Art work The Possibility of Impossible Dialogues (Broken Hill, Australia, 2012); the conceptual art project The Embassy For Water (with James Geurts 2013-), a core work in a winning bid for Leeuwarden 2018 European Captial of Culture ; and the essay collection Contemporary Mythologies (2014). Julie Louise is researcher and Lecturer at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney (2014).