A chance to meet three of the artists exhibiting at TÖNE, James Geurts and the collaborative partnership Mats Lindström and Anna Koch, who will discuss how they have gone about making their site sensitive works. This talk is FREE and takes place on Saturday 21st June, 15:00-16:00 in the gallery at Sun Pier House.

Mats Lindström and Anna Koch’s work investigates the sound of automated mechanical processes and set these in relation to location. This work will be available to see at LV21.

James Geurts employs an ‘expanded drawing practice’ to draw out the dynamics that form physical spaces and perception. To do this, Geurts’ amplifies and reframes phenomena such as horizons, tidal zones, fault-lines, meridians, and other conceptual lines and markers of place. For TÖNE, Geurts will install a large-suspended solar-powered light and sound sculpture Magnetic Eclipse, referring to historic maritime navigation which will be on the pier at Sun Pier House and he will create a related exhibition at Sun Pier House Gallery.