Allan Giddy is one of Australia’s foremost proponents of sustainable energy systems, electronic interconnectivity and interactivity embedded in the physical art object. Allan’s pioneering use of alternative energy systems and light in ‘time-based sculpture’ began in 1992. Over time his practice has expanded into the public domain, specifically public sited ‘active sculpture’ aimed at the reinvigoration of public spaces.

What: As part of the first international sonic and visual arts festival TÖNE, we are offering an invaluable opportunity to develop your contemporary arts practice through a FREE place on an exclusive 2-hour workshop in how to produce site-specific art work by Allan Giddy. Open to to arts students 16+
Where: Kent University School of Music and Fine Art, The Historic Dockyard, meeting at Old Surgery reception.
When: Thursday 12th June, 11:00-13:00

There are on 12 places available so please register by emailing: