Please join us for the private view of Steve Klee and Harriet Gifford’s exhibitions at POP, 64-66, High Street, Chatham, 16:00-18:00. Refreshments will be provided courtesy of POP and Recreate.

Steve Klee will be showing an exhibition which relates to his performances Too Prolix: A Tour Out of Time for TÖNE on Saturday 21st June at The Historic Dockyard. Through his archival research of the site he will re-perform with actors the political events of the Dockyard using the performative gestures detailed in Francis Nivelon’s The Rudiments of Genteel Behavior (1737) and this exhibition will show the archival traces that he has used to construct his tour.

Harriet Gifford will be creating an installation: 100 Years of War.  In this, the 100th anniversary of WWI, and with 340 armed conflicts across the world in the intervening 100 years, this installation questions the purpose of the ceremonial remembrance of War and asks: Who is remembered? Who is forgotten or unmarked? and Why?