Töne featured a wide range of opportunities to get involved in events, at the research, planning and production stages. Internships were advertised through the University of Kent and local arts organisations, and from this we recruited over a dozen interns. This great team of people worked as artist, research and production assistants. Individuals also contributed to marketing and communication activities, and provided general support to the festival team.

A series of artist talks, workshops and masterclasses were advertised and attracted participants from the local arts community, the broader cultural community and the student population of the area.

The mentorship scheme that we ran provided valuable exchange between artists commissioned for Töne who are active in artist-led activity in their home settings and people engaged in the running of local and regional arts organisations in the Medway area and county of Kent. The contact that Töne created between artists and the partner venues also nurtured exchange, seeding networks and potential collaborations to come.

Finally, a number of the events offered opportunities for creative input into the projects, through audience participation, improvisations, and contributions to devised works.